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The Training Audit

An independent review of your Training Activities


Can you answer these questions about training in your company?

  •  Are your training programs effective?
  •  Can anyone really tell who is trained and who is not trained?
  •  Are all employees's certifications up to date?
  •  Can you track the training and print reports of training status?
  •  Is Training pulling its weight in your organization?
  •  Is your training customer focused?
  •  Will your training activities help you react to quickly changing market conditions?
  •  How much do you REALLY spend on training.

In today's chaotic and unforgiving marketplace you need to know that the training activities in your company are helping to support the achievement of the corporate goals. In today's regulatory environment you need to make sure that all employees are properly trained and that you can support the training activities with adequate records. The Training Audit will give you the information you must have to make informed training, product support, personnel and compliance decisions as you maneuver the company towards higher levels of productivity and customer satisfaction.

What is the Training Audit?

The Training Audit is an independent review of selected training activities within your company. The scope of the Training audit can range from a focused review of course development procedures, instructional techniques or OJT Training Activities to a thorough investigation of all of the separate training activities with an organization. The audit can involve:

  •  Technical Training
  •  OJT Training and management
  •  Sales, Management, Quality and other training activities
  •  New Hire Training and Supervisory Training
  •  Manufacturing Training

The Training Audit can Examine:

  •  Company Training Philosophy
  •  Training Budgeting Process

  •        Dollar Amounts and allocation of funds
           Involvement of the Training Staff
  •  Training Management

  •        Organization of the training groups
           Communications within the company with the training personnel
  •  Training Staff

  •        Background and Qualifications
           Organization; Professional Affiliations
           Preparation time for classroom and OJT trainers
  •  Facility

  •        Classrooms/Conference rooms, on the floor facilities for OJT trainers
           Computer Learning Facilities, hardware and software
           A/V facilities and equipment
  •  Curriculum

  •        Needs analysis procedures
           Course development procedures
           Evaluation strategies, checklist development
  •  Training/Course Delivery

  •        Instructor training and selection
           Training aids/visual aids/equipment
  •  Training Support

  •        Registration of students
           Tracking of the training activities
           Materials development, duplication and distribution
           OJT checklist duplication and distribution
  •  Interaction with other departments

  •  Relationship with subject matter experts
  •  Relationship with manufacturing supervisors for OJT Trainers
  •  Training procedures/OJT Training procedures

  • How Do We Perform the Audit?

    Audits are performed in two Phases:

    1) First a short visit to the client and the facility where the scope and objectives of the audit are determined. After this visit a proposal is submitted.
    2) After the proposal is accepted, we interview managers, instructors, trainers, the training staff and other in the company involved in training. We review materials, checklists, procedures and will sit in on classes, observe OJT training and talk to other departments served by training.

    What are the results?

    As with any audit, we will provide to you a written assessment of the health of your training activities. We can also assess the degree to which the training needs of your customers/company are being met, and supply specific recommendations for improvements.  You may also use the audit as a blueprint for management action or as a catalyst for review and discussion among the trainers while evaluating their activities.

    We would be please to discuss the possibilities of performing a Training Audit for your organization, please contact us for additional information.

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