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Student Comments
Financial Services, Call Center Industries
Summary of 831 Critiques


Tools and Techniques of OJT Training, Final Course Critique Instructions:

Instructional Design Associates is very interested in maintaining the high quality of its training programs. Help us maintain these standards by answering the following questions. You do not need to sign the critique, we want your frank opinions. Review in your mind each section of the workshop and answer the questions below.


Questions scored on a scale of 1 to 5 where:

   (1 = excellent, 2 = very good, 3 = Good, 4 = fair, 5 = poor)



Overall quality of entire program:

            574 Excellent      252 Very Good   5 good    0 Fair     0 Poor            

The average response was 1.3.




General comments (Facilities, Instructor, Materials):

[3] Exceptional.

[2]  Very good.

[4]  Excellent.

[2]  Great Class

Everything (instructor, materials) exceeded my expectations. I enjoyed it and got a lot out of it.

I have been in more classes that I care to count. This is by far the most efficient, interesting and fun class I have ever attended. You are definitely in the right profession.

Thanks, appreciate your knowledge

I've never been able to stay interested in a classroom setting longer than this class. I enjoyed it very much and learned a great deal.

This was one of the most worthwhile workshops I have attended. It was well organized, instructor knew the materials very well, and kept everyone interested.

Class was really an eye opener - brought a lot of abstract things into focus

The role playing was the most fun I have ever had while learning a lot at the same time.

Well prepared, instructor and class.

Very interesting and informative

Very interesting

I learned a lot about myself as a trainer - very helpful

I'll probably remember this information more than anything else.

Makes sense

Loved it - made all the info stick

Good experience, helpful for everyone

Really helped me to understand what different types of students you can have and how to deal with them and how to work with them.

Liked that we had the opportunity to be student, trainer, and observer

Thank you, excited to put it to use

Chuck, thank you! I have trained people for a long time without any real tools. I now feel that I have the tools to be able to be more effective as a trainer. I knew the course would be good, but it far exceeded my expectations. I thoroughly enjoyed it. (Julie L.)

I thought the course was excellent. I expected three days to be too long, but it wasn't. I can't think of how it could be shortened. I expect what I learned to be very useful in the future. Thanks

Excellent seminar!

You made me feel very comfortable. I really enjoyed this.

I have enjoyed and benefited from each part of the program. Can't wait to put some of these techniques to work on the job.

Real good - I learned a lot

I was very impressed. I enjoyed the class and felt I learned a lot of very good information that will be very helpful.

Enjoyed class - learned how to bring students in for effective training

Liked the atmosphere, but at times it was too relaxed. Thanks!

Exciting, thought provoking. Good job.

Very interesting

Excellent interaction with students - keeping us involved

I believe we all had a good time!!

Very fun and relaxing. I usually don't like role-playing things, but I didn't mind this.

Very enjoyable, kept my interest, not boring.

The instructor knows the material very well.

It was a very enjoyable class. I learned a lot.

Excellent - thank you!

Well done. I'm excited to try some new techniques.

Great - I apologize for the poor heating conditions -please come back again!

This course will change my teaching style - because I will be more in tune with my students and with what teaching style I use.

Very organized - you practiced what you preached in tailoring the course to the students as it went along and you got to know us.

Nice job Chuck! - Covered more than I expected.

Instructor was excellent


Good program

I really enjoyed the class

Good job, instructor.

I enjoyed the time quite a bit - very good at putting the students at ease

Good examples of "real world" activities.

Made it fun & personal - got to know each other, better comfort level good - Thanks!

Is Chuck going to check on us in the future?

Very good - I really appreciate your personal attention and I felt the information you provided was valuable and pertinent.

Great Job!

I really enjoyed the three days - I think Dr. Levine did a great job!

Great job keeping the whole class interested.

The course was an eye-opener for the amount of work time needed to prepare for training.  Fantastic class!

I enjoyed the class.  Started out a little nervous and ended up really enjoying myself.

I enjoyed the three days.

Instructor was great - class was fast paced - moved nicely.

Very interesting and informative

Well-prepared instructor and class.

The instructor was very well organized

This was very helpful.  It helped me to know what type of person I'm facing.

Treated a major topic with the proper respect it deserved.

More on motivating the trainee.

Excellent information-would like to see how it is on the floor.

Excellent instructor - very interesting

Good basic concepts

The course would have been better with more time

Easy to follow

Put "lazy" students more in perspective of their own thoughts

A very interesting course, fun and educational

Very interesting

Very complete

He was very motivated.

The class was very helpful.

Made me take a second look at myself.

Excellent overview! Highly recommended to others

Very hands on caring approach

Insightful, I'm glad you kept stressing not to place a value judgment on the different types

The information was interesting.  Fun to learn.

Instructor kept the class interesting-not what I expected from when I first walked in.

Types of students and trainers explained very clearly

He made it enjoyable to learn.

Very effective in putting people at ease within a short period of time.

A good "test" for us.

It was helpful to practice with different types of students (rock, engine, etc.).

All the instruction in the class will help me to be a better trainer.  I'm glad it happened at the beginning of my career and not at the end.  Thank you.

Best and most understanding course I've had.

The instructor was very knowledgeable and made the class interesting.

Material was well organized, instructor was very helpful.

Enjoyed the classes thoroughly;  Instructor presented subject and materials extremely well.

Instructor was very well prepared and organized.

I enjoyed the course and felt I benefited from it.

Excellent class

Good program for trainers, good instructor

Instructor had well organized class and made it enjoyable.

Instructor was very perceptive of the needs of the group.

I feel that Mr. Levine is an effective instructor and presents his material well and I enjoyed his class very much.  My overall opinion is that it was very helpful.

One of the more enjoyable classes I have had here.  The instructor held my attention for the entire class.

Instructor was very interesting and kept me interested.  I feel everyone who is going to train should attend this class before the start.  A poor trainer can do a lot of damage.

I enjoyed this class and am very hopeful that it will make me a more effective trainer.

I enjoyed this class very much and feel as if I can better train new employees using the skills I've learned here.

Everything was done in a excellent fashion.

I think the instructor was very good.  He seemed to know the topic very well and did a good job explaining him self.  Very good.

This class was well worth my time and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  The instructor was excellent!!

It was apparent that the instructor C.L. was very well educated in the topic of training.

The instructor was very informative and competent.

Well put together class.  Fun-kept you thinking.  Kept the class interested.

I think the instructor prepared meaning informed you before doing things well.  (Prepared students.)  He kept my attention, which is very short.

I learned a lot.

A very interesting seminar on things I’ve never been schooled in.  Great job Chuck.

Chuck Levine - energetic, enthusiastic, knowledgeable.  Booklet-OK. 

Great Class.  Best I've been to here.

The course was better than I expected- the instructor personable and knowledgeable.

I think the class overall was extremely helpful.

I felt the program was exceptional overall, no changes.

Very impressed with the ideas proposed by the instructor, opened my mind to new fronts on how to train effectively, both from the instructor and student point of view.

Great class.  Hope to see you again.  God bless you.

Instructor was very personable.

For the amount of time you were given to work with, it was great.

Everything was given a good amount of time.  The course was very helpful and informative.

Professor was excellent.  Made course entertaining and informative.  I feel hopefully it has made me a better trainer.

This was the most useful course I have experienced here, very relevant and helpful.

I found this particular seminar one of the best I have attended.

This class made me look at myself more as opposed to looking at the trainee.  Hopefully I'll be a better trainer for it.

This course enabled myself to recognize my training style and to adopt this style to the types of students I will encounter in the future.

One of the more helpful classes that we have been able to attend.  Instructor added to class by really demonstrating knowledge of the topics.  It wasn't just something he was told to teach us but something we could tell he had experience on.  Great Job!!!

Instructor was great and very personable, materials were very useful.  Thank you!

Worthwhile for getting to know the difference between the way we want to train vs. the way we actually train.

This is great now if they will give more time to train, we'll be all set (hire someone before person leaves).

The instructor was excellent.

Good mix of instruction and interaction- helped a lot with attention span.

This course really made me think and I will look at training differently than I have in the past.

The course was purposeful and I believe I have gained insight into training and will attempt to implement skills.

Very well done!

The course was very helpful and enjoyable.  IDA did a great job.

Interaction between peers was very good.

Excellent instructor/facilitator.  Wish the seminar was longer.

Enjoyable and educational.

I found the class interesting.

Excellent class.  One of the best I have attended here at the Bank.

Excellent!  I learned a lot and thought the concepts were interesting.  Had fun!

Great instructor- more courses such as these with outside consultants should be added.

I thoroughly enjoyed the class.  I choose to come here on my own and I definitely profited from it.  I look forward to training new employees now to use some new techniques- or observe myself more as to where I stand as a trainer.

Instructor and materials were excellent.  Practice exercises helped to put theories and training styles to use in a realistic on-the-job training situation.

Overall and basically good and insightful.  I think that it should be a good standard course for all grade 12.

Instructor presented material and visuals thoroughly- he was also open for questions.

I came in here a rock.  I was a level 4 trainer who couldn't be bothered another class.  So now I know.

The course overall was very informative.  More role-playing in actual situations.

The instructor was good, he pulled us into the conversation, made us enthusiastic (or tried) about what we were learning and gave many good examples.

The instructor was well prepared.  There was more student involvement.

The practice exercises are a great way to learn and practice different techniques.

Room still too cold.

The material presented is basically common sense, but the way it's presented really opened my eyes, which will make the task of training more interesting and certainly worthwhile.

Enjoyed program.  Feel a renewed sense of waiting to train and to utilize skills learned.

Worthwhile investment of time.

Overall, I found the program interesting and informative.  The instructor did well dealing with 12 "rocks".

Good content, well organized and presented.

Very pleased with program.  Instructor was an excellent motivator.

This is a very valuable class for me.  In the future I will prepare and organize myself before I train someone.  Also the four models will help me to determine how to deal with certain trainee.

Instructor was very good and conveyed the subject matter very well.

Materials were good, instructor was patient.

Interesting, informative.

Very good thoughtful class, well organized, well managed, could have been more concrete and a little more technical- give students more credit for their knowledge.

I thought that it would go over the implementation of the workbooks and how to use them but we didn't refer to them.

It seemed as though this program could have been completed in a shorter time frame.  The material has been touched on before; a refresher course was all that was needed.

Well organized and very helpful.

The course was an eye opener to training.  Instructor was excellent.

Probably the best class I've been involved with.  It's shown me that one of the most important aspects of training is listening, not just talking.  This class was an investment in my time.

Chuck Levine was outstanding as an instructor; keeping the class entertained as well as interested in the material.

Presentation of course was excellent.  The instructor gauged the training initially to design the most stimulating course/direction and student involvement.

I was glad to see an instructor from outside the Bank.  The Bank's courses seem to be poorly organized, out of touch, and taught by instructors that need to be better informed.

Instructor was great- recommend second class in a few months for follow-up and more intense sections.

Materials were helpful and thought provoking.

I thought this session was very useful and is much better then are inside company trainers.

It's worth my time.

Instructor is very interesting.

The instructor is very knowledgeable, very considerate and thought provoking.


Class was more interesting than I anticipated.

Excellent instructor.

This is the first workshop that I have really enjoyed and learned at the same time.

Very satisfied with the course and it was well worth my time.

Chuck was an excellent instructor.  Very knowledgeable.

I feel this was very beneficial and am happy the company has finally put some effort into OJT.

One thing that was made clear in my mind was the absence of any type of training for those training new employees.  For people who can have such an impact on a new employee- something is needed!

Good, articulate instructor.

Great course for floaters.  Suggestions: All floaters go to 2 half-day of program once, all floaters the go to a half-day "refresher" once a year, this is a good tool to have for the 'on-the-floor' workers!

I think all floaters and FLM's should go through this training module.

Everything is helpful especially for the benefit of the trainee.  It is a good idea to let other trainer to attend to this seminar.

I felt the grid was very helpful in that I will look at all training situations in a different light.

I feel all trainers should take this course for insights and perspectives into training.

All floaters who will be training employees should be offered this course.

Overall the course was helpful, would be for Grade 12.  Needs to be tailored toward the Bank more in certain areas.

This would be helpful for floaters!

I enjoyed it!

Dr. Levine was an excellent speaker and instructor.  He made the class enjoyable and informative.

Overall program was very good.  Maybe one more day might give better to absorb.

I felt this class to be very helpful and great recommendations were made.

Excellent in all aspects.

Excellent class, I would recommend this to anyone who would be training anyone in the future.

I feel that this program should be taken by anyone in a training capacity.

Very interesting.  We should continue to use this course...would be very helpful to trainers.

Good workshop! It will help my training methods in the future.

Very interesting and informative.

I thoroughly enjoyed this course and am walking away with information that I can use daily or while training one specific employee.

I would highly recommend this course for all first line managers.  They need to understand what their trainers are facing with all different types of students.

A class made up of individuals with different jobs may have added to the training challenge.

I thought this class was excellent and others would benefit from it.  I will definitely be more conscious when training, this class put a different perspective on to.  Thanks.

Overall the course was helpful, would recommend to people who train by default.

I think First Line Managers should take the class since so many of them sort of all into their positions.

It was better than I thought it would be.  The concepts were good and practical.

Instructor was very knowledgeable about topic matter.

The instructor was a great trainer

Good class - the open forum of discussion made it excellent

Insightful, and will definitely assist me in better planning to train individuals. I will look at training with a much higher degree of perception as to the way to go about training and individual and how to better fulfill his/her needs.

Great - I feel I learned even far more that I am aware of now.

Very pleased

This course is very good. It gives you a lot of ideas of how to deal with the person you are going to train

An excellent class.  I learned quite a bit.  Worthwhile for developing interpersonal skills.

The instructor way very enjoyable to listen to & watch. I was really looking forward to coming back again on Friday.

All very good

It was nice to see you-the instructor- practice what you preach with certain students or situations you have practiced. The class was so interesting I would have liked it to be a 5 day class with more info. Maybe we can have a follow-up class after we have been training with this info.

I found the workshop very helpful and I believe I will be a better trainer because of it. thanks

Instructor was excellent, I wish each of the training classes coming up will be the same.  Thank you Mr. Levine.  I really learned a lot form these 2 half days.

The most interesting class I have been to in a while.

This course was very helpful.

Enjoyed the class.

I thought the instructor was great, he kept everyone’s attention and presented the material well.

Good instructor-knows his topic and kept our attention.

The course brought an overall awareness of different styles & techniques. I feel the instructor adequately covered the necessary materials within the given time frame.

Overall an excellent and worthwhile investment of my time

More than I expected

Great instructor, patient, tolerated talking in groups - maybe shouldn't have

The training course is worthwhile to attend

The class should be a whole day rather than two half days

I felt the course was very appropriately prepared. i will now take a better look at myself and others in training situations

Excellent course, a definite time to think

The class was lots of fun. It will help me to train better and easier.

It was an interesting class that has made me more aware of my training

I believe this course should be a week long, we just got started.

I really enjoyed the class and feel that I got as lot out of it.

Overall, good course for starters. I/m anxiously waiting round two.

This was a very well organized class; I found I was very interested throughout the 2 1/2 days.

Instructor was very good

Well structured. Review of day activities to explain theory was very beneficial. Will leave with a few general concepts; achieved my goal.

Everything was very helpful

The class and instructor were very interesting & I felt I learned something

Generally I thought that the course was done well.

Great class, taught me about myself most of all, + how to train more effectively

Definitely a learning experience & beneficial to my future.

Instructor kept me interested

I enjoyed the class and learned how to approach different types of students

Info about what is in the manual should be added

I was very impressed with what I learned in such a short course. It was very helpful for my position.

The seminar seemed excellent to me. I don't think any changes should be made. It's a great class.

Instructor is very good

Ideas and role playing was educational and interesting. Instructor was excellent and entertaining.

Excellent instructor knows subject matter very well. Gets the point across very effectively.

Good use of aids and visuals

Instructor was a down to earth guy who was sensitive to all

I found the class very enjoyable

The instructor was excellent; he caused me to think about how I train as well as what I train

The program was great; the information was interesting, useful and presented in a good manner. The program and what was learned during it will be utilized a great deal.

Good to see someone who is really concerned with our understanding the subject matter

The course content seems to cover all aspects - NO change is necessary

The course really made me think about my training styles and how I can improve them

The bank is very much an assembly line - there is not a lot of time for training (in most cases)

I thought you did an excellent job and this workshop has given me lots of information

Instructor was very interesting, excellent

Made 2 great stress free afternoons - thanks

It was a good class and I think it will really help me


I felt the class was great - just hard to take on a Friday afternoon


The class was by far one of the best I have ever attended

Very helpful, hope there is a second follow on class

Class was to the point and did not go off track on each subject

I enjoyed the workshop very much - it will be very helpful in my OJT - the instructor did a great job with the rocks in his class

The presentation was very informative and kept class attention high

Overall, very good

The room wasn't bright enough, The instructor was excellent - His class was so good it encouraged me to sign up for two night classes at a local Jr. College - Thank you


Excellent instructor and presentation of ideas and discussion

Very informative course - presented very well

Made me think about different approaches to training- no real right or wrong

More emphasis on our OJT program

Excellent! The length of the class and the time spent per topic were excellent

This class has helped me understand each new employee’s style

I felt the class was excellent and will be very useful in the future

Very helpful

Found that the course was valuable in that it made me more aware of the different types of people, engines, gadflies, etc.

Everything was great! Instructor was organized and knowledgeable, thanks

I think overall this was a very helpful program for me. My training styles are limited and what we discussed will help me concentrate on an area of my training, which I never considered as either strong or weak.

This was the first time taking a course other than multicurrency. It was serious but I felt at ease. Very good.

Overall knowledge, presentation, interpersonal skills and personality were excellent, give yourself a 100.

The instructor was quite knowledgeable, articulate

Self-assessment was very soul searching

The instructor is himself very motivational

Very good job overall

Know only what was covered in course, what about the rest of the manual?

The class was educational in that it presented the correct way to train

Seminar was well organized

Excellent instructor, very motivated and kept us interested

Good time

Very good class and a very good instructor

it made me aware about myself and different types of students and what to do in each case

One of the best courses I have had at the institute, I got to learn something about myself - very useful


Instructor is helpful and kind. Materials are very useful too. I really like this class but it is just too short

Great instructor! Most interesting class I've taken, wish it was longer!

Great job

There was a good balance overall. The instructor is very enthusiastic about the material to be covered.

Chuck did an excellent job of keeping my interest.  One of the best training seminars I attended.

When I first walked in I thought I would fall asleep from boredom-I also thought this class would not teach me anything-I was wrong-This class has shown me allot and it was very interesting - Thanks

Empress Room not adequate for this type of course.

Learned a lot.

Conference room worked better than classroom.

I enjoyed the sessions and ended up with a lot of new information which will enable me to train employees more effectively and without as much frustration.

Was prepared and presented well.

The instructor was excellent, the best I have ever had.  I believe this type of training is very beneficial to anyone.

He made the class feel at ease, and fit in with the class.

Great course-should be mandatory bank wide for both trainers/trainees.

Learning was great.

I enjoyed the workshop and I feel I will be able to take away many ideas and apply them in the upcoming weeks.

Instructor very knowledgeable and personable.  I will use this when I coach my youth sports as well.

The exercises were excellent and all material was presented very well.

I enjoyed the class and I am much more aware of my surroundings.

Great seminar-thanks!

The workshop was very informative; it gave me some new ways to look at my approach to training.

Good course-budgitable with-relevant to job performed by students.

Good program.

I believe this workshop will improve my training skills.  Thanks!

I found the class to be very helpful and interesting.  It was very enjoyable

This was a great class that helped me a little but more about myself and about my future trainees.

Instructor-excellent-very good at maintaining interest and motivation, explanation of role playing.

Excellent seminar - right mix of content and social!!

Made you realize how your attitude as trainer affects the trainee

Excellent Course

Very knowledgeable instructor

I enjoyed the class and would like more info.

Overall very good class, instructor knew materials and taught it in a manner which was very easy to understand

Instructor gives HIGH LEVEL of interest to training

Excellent work, well prepared - Thank you

Enriching course

I learned a great deal about training and I am excited to use the information I have learned

Excellent seminar concerning OJT.

Need more breaks.  To long between breaks.

This course could be given once a year, every other year, or with each job progression to keep the ideas fresh in our heads and to keep up with new training methods and ideas.

The class was helpful in the future of this plant as a whole.

Good instructor, held my curiosity throughout.

The initial with instruction books presented a very rigid picture of OJT program.  Dr. Levine's presentation should have seen first or exclusive.  The trainers from the institute did not do the course/books justice.

Thanks for your efforts- it was fun, informational and rewarding.

Chuck did an excellent job.  Great group involvement.  Got everybody’s attention.

Very well done.

Very clear and good.

Good program, I picked up more info for my training purposes.

Everything was presents excellently.

Good job.

Found instructor to be knowledgeable and material useful.

A very good program.

Good course.

The course was good.

Great instructor.  Thanks.

Very informative.

Instructor/facilitator was good and kept it interesting.  I can use this knowledge right away.

Instructor did a great job at informing us and keeping our interest.

I thought it was very good thanks again.

Good class.  It opened my eyes on people who are real rocks.

Instructor was very informative and very well prepared for everything that was thrown his way.

Course was a good insight on how to see problems with people while teaching and how to free them.

Did the best he got with the people he got.

Good instruction.

Instructor was excellent.

Thank you.


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