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In House Training

The Tools and techniques program can be modified to fit your individual corporate needs.  We have taught the program in formats ranging form 1 to 5 days, on any shift, and have even split the class into two sections allowing the students to work on their training plans between the two sections of the class.  We are very sensitive to your needs and will strive to conduct a course that will not only meet your needs but will bring added value to the training effort.


The program consists of the three-day basic core program as shown in the outline, which is two days of training and a day of videotaping.  To this core OJT exercises and techniques can be added or subtracted, depending upon your needs.


Exercises that can be added to the program include:

  •  OJT program administration
  •  Additional work developing training checklists and OJT training plans.
  •  Selling and implementing the OJT system
  •  Presentation Techniques
  •  Developing audiovisual materials for OJT training tasks
  •  Instructional Design for trainers that also do classroom work
  •  Bloom’s Taxonomy and other Instructional Design topics
  •  Evaluation techniques and test question design

  • Please contact us for more information on customizing the OJT Tools and Techniques program for your use.


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