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Student Comments and Critiques
Manufacturing Industry

Summary of 420 Critiques


Tools and Techniques of OJT Training Workshop - Final Course Critique

Instructional Design Associates is very interested in maintaining the high quality of its training programs. Help us maintain these standards by answering the following questions. You do not need to sign the critique; we want your frank opinions. Review in your mind each section of the workshop and answer the questions below.



Questions averaged on a scale of 1 to 5 where:

   (1=excellent, 2=very good, 3=good, 4= fair, 5=poor)


Overall program rating

            278 Excellent     134 very good     8 good     0 fair     0 poor     1 No Answer

The average response was 1.35


Practical value, applicability

            288 Excellent     130 very good     4 good     0 fair     0 poor     0 No Answer

The average response was 1.33




Would you recommend the course to others?

            420 Yes     1 No     1 No Answer

The average response was 1.0.


Would you urge your company to send others to future sessions of this course?

            415 Yes     5 No     1 No Answer

The average response was 1.0.


Do you believe this class has increased your competency in this field?

            417 Yes     2 No     2 No Answer

The average response was 1.0.



Any further suggestions or comments:

[3] No

[2] Good job

[2] Keep up the good work

Covered material I expected and more so - increased my competency very much so

The videotaping was fun and informative.  Overall the information should help me in training people.  Understanding how to be effective to get the best results the first time.

The course was great; all people who train should go through it.  Coming out of this course I have a better understanding of my training style and how to evaluate other peoples learning styles.  Excellent course.

Had a great teacher, very easy to understand and held my interest throughout the whole class.

Definitely send other staff to this course

This was the best learning experience I have had out of four courses taken here.

Next group should be supervisors and Forman.  They have no clue as to what each other is doing.

Chuck Levine - excellent instructor!

Good job Chuck! - Thanks!

This course has been one of the most enjoyable classes to attend - to understand yourself and student. The classes made you want to try and made you want to learn more on the subject. Looking forward to training now!!

Continue program for other shifts (Be easier on off shift people) -Good job!

Upper level management courses - no comments

Very helpful- follow up classes and maybe 2nd level classes for more detail - Excellent course - thank you

It's a good thing I'm thick skinned to take the "abuse" given

Outstanding job overall - thanks!

Great course! - Great job by the instructor!

I very seldom give an excellent rating because there is always room for improvement. I would rate the entire program very good - one step below excellence.

Great Class!!

Great course

This program should have been offered long ago, it has been very helpful

Chuck is a super teacher and thank you for your time and effort.

Move off site - even a mile down the road

I enjoy learning new techniques, styles of training, and this was a very comfortable course and interesting instructor. Thank you

Give course to dept. heads, Forman, supervisor.

Microphone on presentation table, fill out critiques after reviewing film

Continue giving program to all employees

Made me realize my coaching style is not always the most appropriate.

Need a follow-up second level for this course

Well put together and thank you very much.

Good program, I enjoyed it a lot

Chuck Levine is a master at facilitated training. Beyond a shadow of a doubt, he is the best I have ever experienced. He quickly assesses the abilities and mood of his students and delivers his training - right on target - dead center. I look forward to having him return.

The program has given me a great outlook on training all kinds of people with all kinds of minds. I can't wait to implement what we have started.

The course was very interesting and I feel I benefited a great deal from it.

Chuck Levine was an excellent instructor. He made the entire course interesting and encouraged

I was glad to be able to take the class

This program was extremely helpful and knowledgeable to me. I was kept interested at all times and never bored. I would have loved for it to be longer because it was so interesting. And I feel I can be a much better trainer for taking this course. The instructor did an excellent job presenting his materials and making it interesting.

In factory situations, overview programs given to managerial personnel would open easier roads.

Thank you for the information, I will treasure it and promise to use it.

I enjoyed the course very much. It taught me how different people are in their make-up. I think the instructor did an excellent job in keeping the class on-track.

I found the training class to be very informative and helpful. It has given me a new perspective on training new employees.

I feel the instructor, Chuck Levine, did an excellent job.

1) Have room a little cooler; 2) eat lunch out of classroom; 3) a little longer for video- 1 and 2 not under instructor control.

I think it is a very good topic and needs to be given a lot of trial and time

Very good class that should be given to upper management in our plant. Instructor kept the class moving very well.

This was an excellent icebreaker as well as a solid base for continued learning about ourselves.  We can now apply what we have learning and hopefully be more successful not only at work but at home too!  Thanks for a great class!  ...

Longer time for video

Far too many interruptions for phones, bathrooms, etc.  In other courses I have taken it is requested to come and go during your breaks only.  I found the interruptions very annoying.

From the very beginning I felt at ease with Chuck - one tends to hold back and feel an instructor out - but that was not needed here. Thank you for a fantastic three days of excellent training.

Other courses: Group leader - how to work with people; come back and have more classes to see how we have changed and go further (deeper)

Other courses: Management; discipline

Other courses: Supervisory skills - 2 days; Group leader skills - 2 days; Very interesting course; Many different views on "how to" train and keep student involved

Camera with close-ups really shows stress, nervousness, etc. But all around very good, thank you

Chuck Levine is THE instructor/facilitator for this course!

Maybe follow up or advanced techniques once a year or two years (in subject)

I think Chuck did a great job! He made us feel very comfortable and created a good, cooperative learning atmosphere. He didn't talk above us or at us; he talked with us.

The course was very enlightening

Have specific breaks for bathroom & coffee's, drinks

My only comment is that I truly enjoyed and got a lot out of this class

Your program was good- sorry I was not in a very good frame of mind due to the fact that I did not want to be there. Was a good program for younger folks.

I feel I am a better trainer than three days ago

Excellent instructor, great topic, too many interruptions

Very enlightening

I think we should keep the meeting shorter

Course was too long


Stretch exercises between long teachers discussions - good job - hope to see you soon!

Overall, I felt that this program gave me background information on something I was already practicing. Before i would recognize what kind of student and know how to train them; however I did this subconsciously. Now, I will be able to categorize people more easily and work with them more easily.

The 2-day seminar seems a little too short and rushed. Perhaps a three or four day seminar in smaller chunk sizes would be more beneficial.

Follow-up program - effective critiquing of training program may be helpful

Only wish we had more time to cover more. Really enjoyed the whole program and the chance to practice.

More active/exercise to sharpen skills - longer course than 2 days

A great program! Good to learn about right brain/left brain, different personality types etc. I hope I begin and continue to use what I've learned in this class. Fun exercises.

All engineering team leaders should take this course! - Include all shop floor line foremen!

This class was well structured throughout and planned for people who will be holding positions where they will be required to train someone. It was excellent. I was nominated to fill an empty seat (at the last minute) so my mindset was somewhat hostile, not towards the instructor, but towards the idea of spending two days in a class not relating to my job position. I however learned a variety of things and met other individuals. I will keep the training I received active.

This was a very well presented instruction program. It raised my interest to its highest level. I wish every course was so well taught.

I enjoyed your program. Keep up the excellent work.

This course of study has helped me to understand some things about myself and a great deal about others and how to better deal with these differences. Thanks - Thanks - thanks.

Dr. Levine made everybody feel at ease. He is a very nice person and teaches very well. I had no problem understanding the course. I also think this class will better help me train people as well understand them.

Chuck did a great job of not letting us get dragged down. He did very well to keep us involved. The course to me was also very interesting. Overall Chuck was an outstanding instructor.

Mr. Levine kept the class interesting, and added a little humor. Besides learning I had fun.

 Found out about myself and how to become a better trainer. Try to work harder with the people of the floor. Thought Chuck was an excellent teacher.

This course really opened my eyes. I just wish that there was more time "like a week or so". Very! Very! Good. THANK YOU!

A follow-up 1/2 or 1 day about a year from now as a refresher course or feedback to see how we used this may be helpful. I see things I was doing that I can change.

This class most definitely increased my competency in training.

Excellent class, kept EVERYONE interested. Learned a tremendous amount about myself and how to deal with others in the workplace. Great opportunity! Great speaker!

I was very pleased with the class and its instructor, Chuck Levine. Mr. Levine made it very easy to learn and grasp the concept of what he was teaching. Usually I am a firm believer in the theory that there is always room for improvement, but I must say after having completed this course I don't see how it could have been made any better than it was. Thank you!

Should have been a longer course

Course covered the material I expected and more

I liked the course, but would like to learn how to develop and arrange my material for the training I need to do.

Instructor was very thorough and very well informed

Covered material more and better than I expected; send others but only as many as needed

Get staff together for overview - all of them - prior to start so that expectations of results are not higher than the capabilities developed

The instructor went out of his way to accommodate the students and get specific answers from the company's management. He forced management to clarify their goals and objectives of the course to the student. He even added on to the end of the course additional unprepared info that the students asked for.

The instructor has a very knowledgeable background which makes his effectiveness excellent

I thought use of class time was excellent, paced for student needs, but still covered all materials!! Fun!!

Fun class; excellent instructor; very helpful

This class was very helpful and should be offered to all associates who train.

Chuck did a great job. He is easy to get to know, understand and learn from. Thanks!

Should continue this program on a yearly basis, Thanks.

Made me realize I should relax more, slow down more and be a little more human

I've known people who have taken two sessions and only 3-4 people have been management (salary) all the others were hourly. Is there a reason for this? Also this class could benefit more management people.

Great teacher, have better prospective on training

I thought Chuck Levine was very good and easy to understand. I learned a lot of good information on training that I plan to start using.

Very good class - Excellent instructor - Chuck was great!

Follow up classes

I think it went very well & I learned a lot, as a third shift person it might have been good to have it Thank you for a great learning experience!

That the companies that this is taught to are getting their moneys worth... I would like to be put into a higher training course

Chuck Levine was an excellent instructor. I enjoyed his personality, style, and gentle but firm teaching ability.

Keep up the good job because you help see the other sides of a person.

Job well done.

More time to prepare for final practice video training.

Class was fun and informative, glad I had a chance to take it.

Sometimes I found myself watching instructor techniques rather than materials

The course presented is too short to do enough practice

For me personally, I would like a little more constructive criticism from the instructor (rather than my peers) in order to correct my mistakes.

Possibly a smaller class size or in a larger area

Not at this time - A follow up should be sent later

NAH, except maybe that the class should be longer so we can explore more possibilities

I enjoyed the training and found its contents helpful, providing a new perspective

Excellent course!

Provide more detailed discrete evaluations in written form, of video presentations. This provides for better constructive criticism with less embarrassment.

Good job, can't wait to continue

A very good course. Content and interaction was exceptional

Great course, learned allot, great facilitator

Chuck did a great job and I personally will use a good part of the class information - Thanks much - Frank C.

Chuck was a very good instructor, he got everyone involved and has helped me accomplish a lot in this session. Fred  A.

Send management to the course

Very well planned course with a lot of practical know-how that I can / will use in my field of work.

No, everything was excellent

I had a great time


Keep up the good work!

None- class was interesting

Chuck Levine did an outstanding job! Captured everyone's attention

Good job Chucky!

I learned a lot about myself and my students. Much appreciated, sincerely - Kevin

I learned a great deal about student types and trainer types and the relationship between the two.

Mr. Levine was an overall excellent instructor.

More videos on peoples thinking styles, covered more than I expected

Video of practice training was very helpful

A great job Chuck!

More time for class

Instructor is excellent at what he does - definitely a number 4

Excellent instructor

More visuals - i.e. video showing people and identify. Send more people to this course - supervisor / trainers - yes, new employees, no

This was a very enjoyable course and it was my first of the type. I may take more - thank you. It covered more than I expected

Instructor was great, understanding and had a sense of humor

Have people shut off beepers or fire/rescue radios before class (they are not going anywhere)

You didn't deal with how to bring the BAD student back to program

I thought our instructor was "Great"

Excellent job, one of the better classes I have taken

Instructor knew what he was teaching, and it amazed me how well someone I have never met knew me so well. (Jim T.)

Overall, I feel I learned several things that I can put to good use

It was good

Instructor was excellent

This was the best seminar I've been to since I have been here. You did an excellent job. Give yourself a hand. It was a lot of fun - Chico


This was a four-star course. Everything was presented realistically and with a specific purpose in mind. This is REALLY USEFUL information.

I really enjoyed the seminar.

I think you were a true professional.

Very good course!

Instructor's demeanor was excellent

Great Job Chuck!

I appreciate your attitude towards class. You went the extra mile to satisfy us. Nick did a great job. Very relevant info that we can apply. You also taught areas in relation to our needs. Thanks again

Introduce Sr. management to technical training. Help them, to get their thought processes changed.

More - advanced phase II

Send product managers, need computerized presentations of 2-3 days

Six days too long - four or five would be better

If it would be possible to tab the sections in participant's manual, it would help for use of manual or on an ongoing basis. I found myself going to hotel and searching through the book for certain sections. GREAT JOB!!

Best overall train the trainer program ever experienced

More than I expected

Recommend sales attend

Again, Chuck did a good job at reading the class - he knew his class


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