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Student Comments and Critiques
Pharmaceutical Packaging, Medical Manufacturing and Food Processing Industries

Summary of 386 Critiques


Tools and Techniques of OJT Training Workshop - Final Course Critique instructions:

Instructional Design Associates is very interested in maintaining the high quality of its training programs. Help us maintain these standards by answering the following questions. You do not need to sign the critique; we want your frank opinions. Review in your mind each section of the workshop and answer the questions below.



Questions averaged on a scale of 1 to 5 where:

   (1=excellent, 2=very good, 3=good, 4= fair, 5=poor)



Overall program rating

            205 Excellent     158 very good     22 good     0 fair     0 poor     1 No Answer

The average response was 1.5


Comprehensiveness of coverage

            171 Excellent     177 very good     37 good     0 fair     0 poor     1 No Answer

The average response was 1.8.


Would you recommend the course to others?

            379 Yes     4 No     3 No Answer

The average response was 1.0.


Would you urge your firm to send other staff to future sessions of this course?

            380 Yes     4 No     2 No Answer

The average response was 1.0.


Do you believe this class increased your competency in this field?

            378 Yes     4 No     4 No Answer

The average response was 1.0.



General comments or suggestions:

[2] Good Job

[3] None

[5] None

[2] Really enjoyed the course

[2] Longer breaks

[2] Great instructor

Instructor was very knowledgeable in his field and answered any question he was asked. Those types of courses are easier on shift workers if they start on Monday or end on Friday

Very good at what he does

Excellent, friendly instructor

I think every one who has to train someone should go through this course.

Instructor was excellent and very well spoken

Hold course off-site

Give a list of further reading material, resources

If off-site there would not be interruptions

Please come back, Enjoy Texas & again, Thank you

One of the best training sessions I have had

I was very happy with this course

Use a bit more humor - not as subtle

Credit to your field

Expected more presentation skills

You had good contact with all students - you blended in as an equal and not an instructor.

Very good job instructor, thanks for getting me out in the front of a crowd.

I think this instructor kept the group more interested than any class I have been in.

Good instructor, got point across

I wish I could go through this class again and again. And I hope you come back again.


This has been the best training class I have ever attended. Covered more than I expected.

Great job, lots of fun, informative

You were great! Enjoyed course & learned allot! I can use all of it.

He was as good as it gets

Great instructor, very helpful, congenial; covered more than I expected

Chuck, keep up the good work!

Excellent training from Chuck Levine

Good job Chuck!! I learned a lot and had an excellent time.

Very excellent instructions. I understand more about training students.

Highly recommend class to all types of associates. Well worth going.

Covered more than I expected.

Our instructor presented training as a science (a definitive procedure). His understanding of the science made me aware of its properties.

Good job, better if off site

Wonderful class, needs to be one day longer

Instructor seems to enjoy his job

Too bad it had to end.

Please send others to this class - Held my attention better then any class at here in 27 years.

Need to be offsite (interruptions) - Great Job

Left / Right brain should be part of the entrance for apprentice program

Enjoyed course tremendously, learned a lot

Chuck, it was a pleasure. I learned a lot and had fun. You kept everyone's interest which is a first in my 20 years here. Thanks for sharing.

The way we broke down the training was excellent, it allowed me to put names to things I was already doing and seeing. I'm sure that I will become a better trainer.

Great class, I think that any associate that does any type of training would do well to attend this training class.

Very good program content and excellent instruction

Excellent use of materials and tools

Just very, very enjoyable

Very good course, Good Knowledge, Covered what I expected and more

More associates should have the opportunity to take this course

This course builds very nicely and culminates in the video

Two video cameras, one for the individual presentations and one for all presentations

Good course

Great Job, Thanks

Very informative, good pace, I enjoyed being here

Outstanding course. We look forward to seeing you in Chicago, Chuck

Covered so much more than I expected

I liked the course. Very good job of keeping us all involved in the materials presented

Last day seemed a little drawn out. Would suggest watching less time of the video. 2 - 3 clips (30 seconds) would show point.

Good Teacher

I got a lot out of this course, from a new view of myself as a student/teacher, and also how to judge other people a little more effectively as students. Great job!

I know understand why you allowed (forced) us to go into rock mode.

Chuck - fun & interesting

You were the most observant teacher I ever had.  Would recommend the course to others very much

Insist on 100% participation & punctuality from breaks.  Covered more than I expected.

How to do training should be stressed more

I learned so much from this class, about recognizing the different types of students.  I feel I can deal better with people now and find ways to deal with people who don't share the same work ethic that I do. I will never forget the right / left-brain exercises and how I can apply them, Thank you.

Thanks for the pizza. Chuck, wanted to let you know you did a fabulous job, thanks for the video opportunity.

I thought the instructor was excellent

Very Good

Keep up good work, increase more each time

Instructor was repetitious with material.  Overall very good material and very knowledgeable.

Maybe 1 or 2 short video tapes for examples

Keep your style in work, covered more than I expected

Great class

This was a great class and instructor

Couldn't be more perfect than what it was

Dr. Chuck is an excellent instructor, with a good sense of humor

Recommend to managers

Held my attention more - a lot of this course was boring. I learned a lot but...

Send managers

Recommend sending managers

Send the managers

Instructor was thorough in his knowledge in his field

Very well informative course

Thank you

Chuck is an excellent instructor

Excellent instructor / facilitator

We should do this with more of them in the wage group

More short breaks

Chuck did an excellent job!

Like to see a full day discussion

Have the training before the trainers are selected

Get into content sooner on first day - another program needed is identifying and working with motivational problems in learning.

I would like to have some examples of good evaluation tools. It was delightful to see such an excellent trainer. You truly incorporated examples and role models in all of the skills you teach. It was great to just watch you. Introduction you gave of yourself didn't reflect your skills, brag more. Additional courses needed: Course design and Training attitudes (Affective level 4)

Sometimes we got bogged down in the minutiae of human resource / management issues. You did a nice overall job of moving on, but sometimes these discussions went on too long. I enjoyed the workshop very much!!

The course was far beyond my expectations. - Excellent job!! Another course needed is developing curriculum, especially independent modules.

Chuck did an excellent job - very understandable. Clear material presented with confidence and competence. He did an excellent job answering questions and helping participants see how the information could be utilized. Thanks very much!

Chuck did a great job these past two days. Did anyone ever tell him that he looks a bit like Mel Brooks? Seriously - this information was most helpful and will surely make me a more effective, aware educator. That is, if I can remember all of this new info. I learned. Excellent job Chuck!

I would have liked to participate in a taping session. I have done one previously, but it was to see how one handles distraction(s) and obnoxious persons.

Very excellent - other courses needed: information on developing courses, motivational ways of learning. Management should learn this and importance in exercising to produce change.

1st hour of 1st day was slow; rest of the time was very valuable and useful

Would have liked more content on motivational profile in students

Management should attend too.

Most definitely send other staff

Give out gift

My highest admiration for teacher; I was very tired but he kept my interest and I got a lot out of the course.

Different, I picked up different things that I could use compared to the session I went to years ago.

Good course

Team leader attends needed

Thank You!

A partnership should be formed with management regarding training material and agenda.


Have a great day.

Needs to be more interactive - I didn't really get the point of the training

One of the best trainings I have ever attended

Engaging, knowledgeable concerning subject

I would like to have a mini session for our department (finance) - 4 hours was perfect

I think managers should attend; facilities and food were good

Great class; management should go through this class not for coaching purposes but to recognize the different styles in associates.

The message can be used in people to people not only in training

Very good class, had fun, learned a lot

Videotapes very valuable for improving self-awareness.

Managers should have the same course. Instructor did a good job!

This course was very good

Instructor was very good. Management should attend this training.

Great Job! Enjoyed it.

Covered more than I expected. Please send others!!! Just a big "thank you" for sharing your knowledge & expertise on this "big" subject matter.

I hope you will really be able to come back on various times & critique us; good and bad and show us any new things you learn.

Could you incorporate another media type - video to provide some variety - even if you used family members to demonstrate your points or examples.

Great job Chuck, Especially appreciate help with knowledge inventory

Video exercise great, Would like to see prepared video with good and bad techniques.

I thought he did a very thorough job of teaching this class, made it fun and interesting.

Chuck did a very good job, he made it fun and kept me interested. I would love to get more advanced training with him.

Would recommend to all - Very nice to meet you Chuck and thank you for all your knowledge, Keep up the excellent job.

I really enjoyed the 4 days of training and wish you would be around to work with us.

I was scared about being taped and people looking at it, but it was fun.

I really feel this will help in work and in my own life with dealing with people and my children.

I had fun and I am very glad I was picked to come here. The material will be used in all my life even if I don't still work here.

Liked interacting, liked not just training, but had a good time

Excellent Job!

Very good job - very enjoyable




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