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Student Comments and Critiques
Power, Utilities and Chemical Industries

Summary of 180 Critiques

Tools and Techniques of OJT Training Workshop - Final Course Critique Instructions:

Instructional Design Associates is very interested in maintaining the high quality of its training programs. Help us maintain these standards by answering the following questions. You do not need to sign the critique, we want your frank opinions. Review in your mind each section of the workshop and answer the questions below.



Questions scored on a scale of 1 to 5 where:

   (1 = excellent, 2 = very good, 3 = good, 4 = fair, 5 = poor)



Overall quality of entire program:

            107 Excellent     72 Very Good     1 Good    0 Fair     0 Poor     1 No Answer

The average response was 1.3

General comments (Facilities, Instructor, Materials):

[5] Excellent

[2]Very good.


[3] Good

Excellent class- should be 5 days long

Enjoyable, only hope I review it enough to use it to do a better job

Thumbs up

Thanks Chuck! Being trained by a trainer to be a better trainer is GREAT! I appreciated your understanding of our business, equipment and customers. It made the course very relevant to what we do.... I didn't know what the course would be so I didn't have any expectations

Very Good

The questionnaire should be given to opposite type people to get more opinions - maybe?

Enjoyed the class and instructor

I enjoyed the class and the time passed quickly. It was worth the time

It was interesting to see where I stood w/ others

Fully enjoyed the experience and learning opportunity

Good instructor, information very interesting, involving and helpful.

I was a bit uncertain coming into this class, but soon found out it was to my benefit

Found the entire course enlightening. I may not be satisfied with the end results, but that's up to me to change or ignore. Thanks for all the information.

We must retrain once in a while in order not to forget what we were taught

I think this course covered enough material and was worthwhile.

Course was very enlightening, gave me a new outlook of myself & people around me. (In a positive way)

Excellent instructor

Excellent instructor and materials

Well done

Excellent program, instructor and materials, should have done this long ago

Excellent instructor, very pleased with his way of communication

Quality of program very good, instructor excellent


Facility good, Instructor excellent

Breaks could have been a little more frequent

Good job by everything and all, thank you!

Excellent instructor, clear and well informed, put across information understandably.

Excellent, hope Chuck can come back some time (Remember, feedback's a bitch)

Good job

This course could be given once a year, every other year, or with each job progression to keep the ideas fresh in our heads and to keep up with new training methods and ideas.

The class was helpful in the future of this plant as a whole.

Good instructor, held my curiosity throughout.

Need more breaks; too long between breaks.

Thanks for your efforts- it was fun, informational and rewarding.

Chuck did an excellent job.  Great group involvement.  Got everybody’s attention.

Very well done.

Very clear and good.

Good program, I picked up more info for my training purposes.

Everything was presented excellently.

Good job.

Excellent seminar concerning OJT.

Found instructor to be knowledgeable and material useful.

A very good program.

Good course.

The course was good.

Great instructor.  Thanks.

Very informative.

Instructor/facilitator was good and kept it interesting.  I can use this knowledge right away.

Instructor did a great job at informing us and keeping our interest.

I thought it was very good; thanks again.

Good class.  It opened my eyes on people who are real rocks.

Instructor was very informative and very well prepared for everything that was thrown his way.

Course was a good insight on how to see problems with people while teaching and how to free them.

Did the best he got with the people he got.

Good instruction.

Instructor was excellent.

Thank you.


Instructor was very knowledgeable and very pleasant to listen to

Very enjoyable class - left with a lot for once

Very good

Couldn't ask for a better class. Wish I had info long ago for use

Liked the class, much different than previous train trainer class

Very good on all items

Great trainer and course

Instructor was very knowledgeable and kept class interesting with student participation.

Fantastic instructor, great material, enjoyed it

Could use more time as previously discussed

Need more

Could be longer


Like to spend more time


Amusing and entertaining


Sometimes too long between breaks

Enjoy course very much

Very interesting, will look into more study

It was very interesting to see how things we didn't think about affect us

We filled three days, longer course would be very hard to justify

Not more detail but more time to try out and discover new techniques.

Would be nice to have more detail to some aspects- perhaps should be 2-3 days.

Good information- seemed on target.

Should be two days.

Could be a two-day session.

Found this training will be useful in my role as trainer.

Right to the point.

The info was all-new to me; very informative.

Probably ok for our needs.

Very good.

Good info- will be useful.

Fine presentation

Now I must use what I was taught

Sometimes too long between breaks

A well needed tool for our position

Again would like to have a longer course

More time on LB/RB, less on probes

Some areas were too short and already talked about

Could be longer

Rearrange time frames a little - more time on R/L brain

Informative and useful

I got a lot from the course

Sometimes too long between breaks

Good exercise

Well presented, Best one in 21 years

Would to have the entire course, but what we had was great

Good instructor, very knowledgeable and patient

Thanks, I am very pleased with all the new tools and understanding of class dynamics

Covered much more than I thought.

Please try to follow up on our progress.

We should integrate this into our development process. Covered what I thought it would, a little heavy on presentations.

Nice job, thanks

Would like to have had more one-on-one instruction. Did not know what to expect in the course.

Meet with students prior to planning course in order to meet their needs. Also did not complete / discuss ALL sections in course booklet.

Would like the opportunity to attend training that worked on honing "trainers presentation skills". #3d - it opened my eyes too! #2b plan to review it and think more about it.

More courses like this one. For me a good review. Perhaps some help in instructional design for computer aided instruction. Thanks, good job! #3a - for me did not cover what I expected, for others, it did.

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