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The Tools and Techniques of OJT Training


Program Description


“Simply the best OJT trainer program I have even been to”:

                        Student comment from Course Critique


We are very proud of the comments that students make after attending our OJT Tools and Techniques program. We think it is the most effective OJT Trainer program available. 


We are so proud of the comments that we invite you to look through the final comments students have made about our training programs. Click on the Comments/Critique link in the navigation menu or use the pop out menu to choose the industry.


OJT Tools and Techniques program description


The program has been taught in formats ranging from 1 to 5 days in length, and consists of a series of focused activities relating to OJT, OJT Trainer development and OJT System implementation.


OJT Tools and Techniques – A very powerful, practical program for OJT trainers.

In most companies supervisors and foremen are responsible for training the employees that work for them - only no one has taught them how to do this training.


On the job training is one of the most common training methods.  Usually an experienced worker (sometime a supervisor, floater or lead) explains what they know (or what they think they know) about the job to an inexperienced worker.  The training may be uneven, unstructured and inconsistent.  Skills may be taught incorrectly, no training records are kept, mistakes can happen and both quality and morale suffer.


There is no magic surrounding effective job instruction.  This too is a task which can be mastered.  OJT Tools and Techniques will help you and others in your company to use OJT checklists to conduct structured on-the-job training and do it effectively.  Our discussion leader, Dr. Charles Levine has worked with thousands of part time OJT trainers throughout the United States to help them learn how to conduct very practical job instruction sessions.


What can you expect to learn in this workshop?  You Will:

  •  Learn the difference between structured and unstructured OJT
  •  Learn how job documentation can help you train consistently
  •  Learn the different instructional styles and determine which style you prefer
  •  Receive individual and specific feedback on your training skills
  •  Learn how to handle the different types of students you might find in your training sessions
  •  Practice your coaching skills by conducting two mini-training sessions with other class participants
  •  Learn how to evaluate your trainees in accordance with job documentation to determine if they can perform on the job

During this workshop we keep theory to a minimum.  Instead practical approaches and proven techniques for planning and conducting on-the-job-training will be demonstrated.


Who should attend this workshop?


 This workshop is designed for the person who actually conducts OLJT training, even if it not their primary responsibility. Foremen, leads, floaters and supervisors are some of the personnel who have successfully attended this program. If you instruct new or transferred programs – this workshop is for you.  You will learn new techniques whether you train in a small business or a large company.


Why is this workshop different?


As soon as you enter the training room you will realize that this seminar is different.  The room is arranged so that students can interact with each other; during most of the class the instructor will be circulating throughout the room working with the students, not lecturing from the front of the room.

  • This is an intense workshop designed to make maximum advantage of your valuable time.
  •  Attendance is limited so that every student can receive individualized help.
  •  Every student will have at least 4 opportunities to participate in practice training sessions Every student will receive specific feedback on their instruction and coaching skills.
  •  In the classes over 2 days; every student will practice training on a task relating to their specific job training needs.


For more information on this program, or information on tailoring it to your specific needs, please contact us atr 781-784-5994 or at www.ojttracker.com.

Tools and Techniques of OJT Training - Program Outline























Training orientation

     role of the trainer during


     instructor - facilitator


Circles and Intersection: practice one - on- one coaching exercise


Instructional issues in coaching


Is it a training Problem? exercise and discussion


Instructor styles inventory and questionnaire


Different types of trainers

Different types of students

     the dynamics between the

          students and trainer


How to handle different types of students


Videotaped practice coaching exercise


(participants in groups of two conduct 10 minute practice one - on- one coaching session which is critiqued and discussed) 


L  U  N  C  H

L  U  N  C  H

L  U  N  C  H















Circle and intersection exercise (continued) Debriefing of instructional techniques used during training


Checklists, job aids and

      other OJT training aids




Left/Right brain exercise discussion, questionnaire and application to OJT coaching techniques



Coaching practice exercise: three rounds of job related practice coaching and discussion


The four competency levels and discussion (handling difficult students)


Preparation time for video coaching exercise tomorrow (students prepare training aids and receive help in planning their coaching)

Videotaped exercise (continued)






Closing exercises/ course critique


Presentation of certificates



Find topics for:

Day 3 videotape exercise

Prepare for video coaching presentations



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